Tips to Reduce Fuel Costs

Tips to Reduce Fuel Costs

The fuel cost for operating a fleet of company vehicles is one of the largest ongoing expenses for many small and mid-sized businesses today. With gas prices constantly in flux, it is important for fleet managers to find ways to reduce these costs whenever possible.

Below are some tips you can use to minimize fleet fuel expenses and keep your company profitable.

Minimize Engine Idle Time

One of the biggest factors within your control that can reduce fuel cost is engine idle time. It is estimated that larger trucks can burn as much as a half-gallon of gas per hour. But all vehicles get 0 mpg when idling at a stop, so train your drivers to minimize idle time. A good rule of thumb is that if the vehicle will be parked and idling for 30 seconds or longer, it is best to just shut if off until needed.

Reduce Aggressive Accelerating and Braking

Excessive speeds, aggressive acceleration and hard braking all contribute to increases in fuel cost, engine repairs, traffic violations and insurance rates. Formal instruction and training in safe, efficient driving techniques can make a difference for some drivers. But for others, you may need to use driver tracking devices and fleet monitoring software that are designed to recognize patterns of aggressive driving.

Maintain Vehicles for Efficient Performance

Driver behavior plays a big role in fuel efficiency, but it is not the only factor. Keeping your vehicles well-maintained and repaired can also go a long way to reduce fuel cost. Keeping all tires properly inflated is a good starting point. Changing out fuel filters and oxygen sensors as needed will also make a difference.

Upgrade to Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

Every successful business will have to purchase more vehicles at some point, either to replace old ones or to accommodate transportation needs when expanding into new territories. When that time comes, put some thought into the fuel costs associated with different makes and models. If one model gets a couple extra miles per gallon compared to similar ones in its class, that difference alone could save you hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars per year per vehicle.

There are many challenges to running a sustainable business. Follow these tips to reduce fuel expenses and don’t let rising fuel cost hold your company back from success. Contact Charis Commercial Capital to see how we can help your company cover fleet management costs and keep your business on track.


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