How to Start a Small Business in 2022  

How to Start a Small Business in 2022  

There is no time like the present to start your own small business- thinking of being your boss? More and more people are tapping into their talents and resources to set up small business models- will you do the same in 2022? Use these tips to start your small business this year! 

Narrow your Niche 

Make sure that your offerings are not too broad. Unsure about your niche? Ask yourself what you enjoy doing, as well as what you do not care for this will help tease out business ideas. 

Know the Market 

Familiarize yourself with the market niche that you are entering. Find out who else offers similar products or services- as well as where they are and the price points.  

Draft a Plan 

You will need a thorough business plan for many things- including budgeting and getting loans- so this is the time to draft one. Be specific, and thorough, and cover all expenses that you anticipate for the first year to 18 months of operation.  

Choose your Structure 

You will need to determine what your business structure is, as this directly contributes to what taxes you will pay at the end of the year. Here are your choices: 

• An LLC, or Limited Liability, puts limits on what you are personally liable for regarding your business.   

• An LLP, or Limited Liability Partnership, requires a partnership and also limits your liability.   

• A Sole Proprietorship is when you- the business owner- assume all liability for your business. You and your businesses are the same. 

• A Corporation makes sense for larger companies and venture capitalists.  

Talk to your tax professional or accountant to find out what makes the most sense for your company.   

Make it Legal 

File the proper forms and get your company registered with its employer identification number, or EIN. You may be subject to licensing regulations in your area, so check with local authorities to learn more.  

Look at Insurance 

Make sure that you are covered and insured before launching your business. The kind of insurance policy that makes sense for your brand depends on the nature of what you do- and you may need at least a couple of different policy types to protect your investment, your consumers, and your future.  

Market your Brand 

Use a consistent presence online and on social media to reinforce your brand and garner exposure. This will help build brand familiarity.  

Grow your Business 

Set yourself up for success and growth. This can be done by constantly thinking about ways to scale and grow- as well as to build a loyal and reliable team.  

Seek Expert Assistance

As a business owner, you look for solutions. Having to go to different places to find the specific financing you need is time-consuming and frustrating. At Charis Commercial Capital, we provide a wide variety of business loans and leases with excellent terms. That way, you can address all of your company’s financial needs immediately and with great results.


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