Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

Secure Your Business’s Success With a Line of Credit

Every business needs consistent cash flow to survive and thrive. However, most businesses experience occasional slow periods. Getting an unsecured business line of credit could help you to ensure your business always has the funding it needs to operate. Charis Commercial Capital offers unsecured business lines of credit for both startup and established enterprises.

Startup Companies

If you have a good credit profile, you can get a line of credit even without established revenue. We base the approval decision on the personal credit and finances of the owner(s) who are applying. In many cases, we can offer a credit limit between $25,000 and $50,000 to help deal with those critical early expenses as you establish your business.

Established Enterprises

We can also offer larger unsecured business lines of credit for companies with well-established annual revenue. This includes credit limits up to $500,000. These are some of the reasons to consider choosing Charis Commercial Capital:

  • We require no collateral. Your good credit and revenue documentation is enough.
  • We offer excellent introductory rates for new customers.
  • Even beyond the introductory period, our rates and extremely competitive.
  • We only approve clients that receive the best rates – no subprime loans.

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